Offsite Assembly

We provide a packaged construction solution, offering consistent quality, safety, and standards as part of our Modern Methods of Construction strategy.

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A parallel solution.

Offsite assembly is extremely important to ESG, and an effective alternative to the challenges faced within todays’ construction industry that works in parallel to most build sequences to reduce the reliance on multiple site trades.

This change over more traditional methods can often produce shorter lead times, a faster construction programme with fewer waste materials and a safer working environment.

A parallel solution.

Our strategy for Modern Methods of Construction is focused on offering true benefit to the project wherever possible.

Achieve reduced installation times with a prefabricated delivery strategy.

On average, offsite projects require fewer deliveries and generate around 40% less waste materials.

More efficient construction methods can be up to 15% faster than traditional methods.

Improved deployment of skilled resources means fewer people on site.

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